Test Bank for Abnormal Psychology: Perspectives, 5/E 5th Edition David J.A. Dozois


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Abnormal Psychology: Perspectives exemplifies its subtitle by cohesively presenting the numerous individual perspectives of its expert contributors. It presents the differing psychological perspectives by discussing various relevant paradigms with emphasis on the conceptual approaches and therapeutic interventions that have garnered the most empirical support in research literature. As a ground-up Canadian text, it features indigenous case studies, legal and ethical issues, prevention programs, and ground-breaking research, as well as the history of abnormal psychology in this country.

The new edition features a new full-colour interior, coverage of the DSM-V including a disorder-by-disorder comparison with the DSM-IV, three new Canadian contributors, and a new chapter on Sexual Gender Identity Disorder. The organization, level, and features of each chapter have also been standardized to resulting in a more consistent, unified student experience.



Concepts of Abnormality throughout History

Multiple Choice Questions:

1) Your housemate has been overly concerned with keeping the kitchen clean. In fact, he scrubs the sinks and counters for half an hour each time someone puts something on them. In order to determine his diagnosis, a practitioner in North America would be most likely to consult the
A) American Medical Association’s Treatment Manual (AMA-TM).
B) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, fourth edition (DSM-IV-TR).
C) International Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders (ICD-10).
D) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, sixth edition (DSM-VI).
E) The North American Guide to Psychiatric Disorders (NAPD-IV).

Answer: B
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 2
Skill: Application

2) Psychopathology refers to
A) the same disorder as psychopathy.
B) disorders of the brain.
C) a physical cause to psychological problems.
D) only severe psychological disorders.
E) the study of the nature of psychological problems.

Answer: E
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 4
Skill: Factual

3) According to the text, behavior, speech or thought that impairs a person’s functioning corresponds best to which concept below?
A) mental illness
B) mental problem
C) brain pathology
D) psychological abnormality .
E) psychological disorder

Answer: D
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 4
Skill: Conceptual

4) What is one difficulty in defining abnormal behaviour?
A) eccentric behaviour usually indicates abnormal behaviour
B) everyone is to some degree abnormal in their behaviour
C) unusual behaviour may not be abnormal according to diagnostic criteria
D) all people experience anxiety now and then
E) people’s behaviour depends on the situation

Answer: C
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 4
Skill: Factual

5) Abnormal behaviour has been defined as that which occurs infrequently. Which of the following examples illustrates a problem with this definition?
A) People with IQs below 70 are considered abnormal.
B) Most people get depressed from time to time.
C) Mathematical geniuses are considered rare in the population.
D) Children often believe in the existence of monsters.
E) Anxiety disorders are relatively rare in a given population.

Answer: C
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 4
Skill: Application

6) Dr. Jayvonna is working with a patient who has to arrange and rearrange her food on her plate after each bite. Although her patient does not find this behaviour strange, other people find it odd. The definition of abnormality applicable to this patient is
A) statistically unusual behaviour.
B) violating the norms of society.
C) distress to self and others.
D) personal dysfunction.
E) expert diagnosis

Answer: B
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 6
Skill: Application

7) Perhaps the biggest problem with using inappropriate behaviour as a criterion for abnormal behaviour is
A) what is considered appropriate differs over time and location.
B) mentally ill people are usually not dangerous.
C) social norms tend to be constant over time.
D) inappropriate behaviour is often the norm in North American culture.
E) killers and murderers are generally sane.

Answer: A
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 6
Skill: Conceptual

8) The authors discuss the Violation of Cultural Norms criterion as:
A) an essential and sufficient component in defining psychological abnormality
B) a necessary but not sufficient component of defining abnormality
C) a consideration that will often be relevant to defining abnormality
D) distinct from considerations of psychological abnormality
E) a distraction from considerations of abnormality

Answer: C
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 6
Skill: Conceptual

9) Which one of the following groups of principles have been used to define abnormality?
A) diagnosis by an expert, personal distress, poor emotional control
B) personal distress, delinquent activity, poor emotional control
C) violation of norms, abnormal intellectual functioning, personal distress
D) infrequency, personal distress, impaired functioning
E) psychiatric diagnosis, harmful dysfunction, abnormal intellectual functioning

Answer: D
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 7
Skill: Factual

10) Which is the most sensible way to logically combine the criteria used to define psychological abnormality?
A) [infrequency OR personal distress] AND impaired functioning
B) [infrequency OR impaired functioning] AND personal distress
C) infrequency AND [personal distress OR impaired functioning]
D) infrequency AND personal distress AND impaired functioning
E) infrequency OR personal distress OR impaired functioning

Answer: C
Diff: 3 Type: MC Page Ref: 7
Skill: Application

11) Changes in the way that abnormality has been viewed over time has resulted in
A) a clear understanding of the etiology of disorders.
B) effective treatments for all disorders.
C) fewer diagnostic categories.
D) high reliability of all diagnoses.
E) a shift from supernatural to natural causes in explaining disorders.

Answer: E
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 8
Skill: Conceptual

12) If you lived in a society that explained changes in the weather as being influenced by the gods, you would likely view madness as being caused by
A) schizophrenia.
B) demon possession.
C) brain dysfunction.
D) weakness of character.
E) irrational thoughts.

Answer: B
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 8
Skill: Application

13) What type of treatment was thought to be used by Stone Age people to treat madness?
A) religious chanting
B) death
C) herbal brews to poison evil spirits
D) trephination
E) exorcism

Answer: D
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 8
Skill: Application

14) Several methods were used during prehistoric times to treat abnormal behaviour. Which approach, however, was NOT common?
A) trephination
B) bedrest
C) induced trances
D) special care in asylums
E) magic

Answer: D
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 8-9
Skill: Factual

15) To whom can we credit with the original idea that dreams play an important role in understanding mental illness?
A) Freud
B) Aristotle
C) Plato
D) Hippocrates
E) Galen

Answer: D
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 9
Skill: Factual

16) Hippocrates played a major role in both how the causes and treatment of mental illness were viewed. However, his greatest contribution to psychology was
A) being the father of psychoanalysis.
B) proving the value of leading a healthy life in preventing madness.
C) emphasizing the natural causes of mental illness.
D) separating the causes of madness into medical and magical causes.
E) his idea that psychological functioning resulted from disturbances of bodily fluids.

Answer: C
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 9
Skill: Conceptual

17) According to Hippocrates, mental disorders should be treated by which one of the following?
A) exorcism
B) magical spells
C) trephination
D) healthy diet and exercise
E) food and water deprivation

Answer: D
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 9
Skill: Conceptual

18) Hippocrates believed that psychological functioning was influenced by imbalances in bodily fluids. Each of the following was considered an essential fluid EXCEPT
A) blood.
B) black bile.
C) brown bile.
D) green bile.
E) phlegm.

Answer: C
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 9
Skill: Factual

19) An ancient Greek was behaving quite aggressively and was quite short-tempered. He would likely have been diagnosed as having
A) too little yellow bile.
B) an excess of blood.
C) excess phlegm.
D) too much yellow bile.
E) an overabundance of black bile.

Answer: D
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 9
Skill: Application

20) Plato and Aristotle accepted many of Hippocrate’s ideas, but rejected others. Which of the following best describes their belief about the cause of mental illness?
A) that an imbalance in essential bodily fluids affected functioning
B) that brain dysfunction affected behaviour
C) that environmental factors played the critical role
D) lack of education could cause mental illness
E) that mental illness had natural causes

Answer: E
Diff: 3 Type: MC Page Ref: 9
Skill: Conceptual

21) The idea that both mental and physical disorders were caused by problems in the body was held by
A) Soranus.
B) Aristotle.
C) Plato.
D) the Greek physician Aretaeus.
E) Hippocrates.

Answer: A
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 10
Skill: Conceptual

22) Jennifer is a psychotherapist, and she considers talking about problems to be therapeutic. Which of the following groups would most likely agree with her?
A) early Egyptians
B) Arabians
C) classical Greek and Romans
D) Europeans during the Middle Ages
E) prehistoric people

Answer: C
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 10
Skill: Application

23) Early Arabian asylums were established to
A) protect society from the mentally ill.
B) provide the mentally ill with a safe haven.
C) begin the tradition of group therapy.
D) reintroduce trephination as a major form of treatment.
E) fulfill the requirements of the Koran.

Answer: B
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 10
Skill: Factual

24) Avicenna’s The Canon of Medicine may have included early forms of which of the following modern methods of treatment?
A) homeopathic treatment
B) dream analysis
C) behaviour therapy
D) psychotherapy
E) bloodletting

Answer: C
Diff: 3 Type: MC Page Ref: 10
Skill: Conceptual

25) The notion of “possession” during the Middle Ages was often applied to
A) people who disagreed with Church doctrine.
B) people who sinned frequently.
C) men who beat their wives.
D) people who had suffered a nervous breakdown.
E) people suffering from a mental illness.

Answer: E
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 11
Skill: Conceptual

26) During the 13th and 14th centuries, a woman caught talking to her garden plants would
A) be treated by either prayer or exorcism of demons.
B) be treated with hypnotism.
C) be treated using special herbs and potions.
D) be accused of witchcraft and tortured to prevent her evil powers from spreading.
E) be considered psychotic.

Answer: A
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 11
Skill: Conceptual

27) The spiritus vitae was
A) a disorder where people begin to dance in the streets and drink red wines.
B) a spirit believed to possess individuals and cause madness.
C) a bodily fluid believed by Paracelsus to result in mental illness.
D) a naturalistic cause of madness.
E) the venom of the tarantula.

Answer: D
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 11
Skill: Factual

28) Your sister suddenly begins to leap about, jumping and dancing in the streets. During the Middle Ages, she would most likely be diagnosed with
A) melancholia.
B) trephination.
C) the Tarantella.
D) an excess of phlegm.
E) spiritus vitae.

Answer: C
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 12
Skill: Application

29) According to Paracelsus, St. Vitus’ Dance was caused by
A) tarantula bites.
B) psychic conflicts.
C) imbalances in bodily fluids.
D) mania.
E) possession by evil spirits.

Answer: B
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 12
Skill: Factual

30) Which of the following persons and treatments DO NOT match?
A) Paracelsus and hypnotism
B) Hippocrates and rest
C) Galen and sympathetic listening
D) Weyer and chanting
E) Avicenna and behavior therapy

Answer: D
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 12
Skill: Conceptual

31) What do the views of Paracelsus, Teresa of Avila, and St. Vincent de Paul have in common?
A) They all attempted to develop a new system of classification.
B) They believed that religious approaches could lead to a cure.
C) They established asylums to humanely care for the mad.
D) They argue for a more naturalistic approach to viewing mental illness.
E) Each of them contributed to Freud’s system of psychoanalysis.

Answer: D
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 12
Skill: Conceptual

32) The term “bedlam” originated from
A) a method of treatment used in early asylums.
B) the lack of beds that was common in early asylums.
C) the bizarre behaviour known as St. Vitus’ dance.
D) moments of frenzy among mad people.
E) behaviour of the patients in deplorable early European asylums.

Answer: E
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 13
Skill: Factual

33) Early treatment of the mentally ill in the United States
A) was more successful than many of the earlier treatments had been.
B) was more humane than most of the approaches outside North America.
C) was at times similar in cruelty to early supernatural treatments.
D) differed from European treatment due to different societal values.
E) was less successful than treatments introduced during the Middle Ages.

Answer: C
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 13
Skill: Application

34) Treatment in the town of Gheel is similar to
A) modern day treatment programs.
B) a humanistic approach.
C) a community treatment approach.
D) that of the early Greeks.
E) treatment advocated by many of the early Europeans.

Answer: C
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 13
Skill: Conceptual

35) English “workhouses” were
A) established during the Enlightenment period to deal with the insane.
B) run by the patients.
C) run by physicians.
D) were special places where the mentally ill could work.
E) used to hide the poor from society.

Answer: E
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 13
Skill: Factual

36) Which of the following individuals is known for promoting a more humanitarian approach in mental hospitals?
A) Benedict Morel
B) Philippe Pinel
C) St. Vincent de Paul
D) Johannes Weyer
E) Benjamin Rush

Answer: B
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 15
Skill: Factual

37) This individual’s campaign to improve the conditions for the mentally ill resulted in the opening of 32 state hospitals, including two in Canada.
A) Dorothea Dix
B) Cabanis
C) Benjamin Rush
D) William Tuke
E) Philippe Pinel

Answer: A
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 14
Skill: Factual

38) The mental hygiene movement
A) resulted in a reduction in the number of people in institutions.
B) resulted in an increase of patients in mental institutions.
C) led to an increase in moral therapy.
D) was criticized by Philippe Pinel.
E) led to the advent of antipsychotic drugs.

Answer: B
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 15
Skill: Conceptual

39) All of the following are valid criticisms of the mental hygiene movement EXCEPT
A) psychosocial treatments were less effective due to the large number of patients.
B) physical treatments were often unpleasant.
C) living conditions in the asylum were unpleasant.
D) the original goals of the movement were less than noble.
E) overcrowding in asylums prevented proper care.

Answer: A
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 15
Skill: Conceptual

40) Moral therapy implies that
A) psychological therapy should be administered by the Church.
B) psychological therapy should be used more often.
C) mentally ill patients can benefit from spiritual enlightenment.
D) mentally ill patients need to be taught a moralistic approach to life.
E) mentally ill patients can be treated without chemical or physical restraints.

Answer: E
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 15
Skill: Conceptual

41) Which of the following accomplishments are NOT attributed to Pinel?
A) looking to natural explanations as the cause of mental illness
B) clearly describing the symptoms of disorders
C) emphasizing the role of psychological and social factors in the development of mental illness
D) developing a systematic approach to classifying disorders
E) bringing moral therapy to North America

Answer: E
Diff: 2 Type: MC Page Ref: 15
Skill: Factual

42) Cabanis (1757-1808) introduced the idea that personal factors as well as somatic factors accounted for mental disorders. His theories encouraged the __________ approach to treatment.
A) physical
B) social
C) institutional
D) psychological
E) biological

Answer: D
Diff: 1 Type: MC Page Ref: 15
Skill: Factual

43)__________ introduced “degeneration” theory, which proposed that abnormal functioning was transmitted by hereditary processes.
A) Pinel
B) Cabanis
C) Charles Darwin
D) Cesare Lombroso
E) Benedict Morel


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